The Office of Ingenuity at Newton North High School

The Office of Ingenuity is a student-centered, faculty-powered design lab for collaborative, solution-centered educational research and development. We offer Professional and Curriculum Development resources rooted in Design Thinking with Educators in Schools, Communities, Corporations, and Universities. Together in The Office, students, teachers, and the community become architects of the learning experience. Collaboratively we seek to 1. Create a physical and conceptual “space” for educators, students, business and the community to explore, develop, and collaborate on new ideas 2. Translate these ideas into practical projects that are tested inside and outside of the classroom and assessed for merit and value by educators and students in partnership with experts from business and the community 3. Encourage students and teachers to reach beyond traditional curricula to adopt the innovation mind-set and apply the design thinking process - from the discovery of an idea to its evolution into something useful 3. Explore and develop new models for educational partnerships that engage the support and collaboration of business and the community 4. Identify innovative pedagogical and technological approaches that can be scaled up, adapted and applied by systems and schools across the planet 5. Prepare students for uncertainty with the necessary adaptive and creative skills to be successful by fostering ecosystems of opportunity.
Posted on November 2, 2013. Modified on November 3, 2013