The Meadowbrook School of Weston

The heart of Design Thinking at Meadowbrook is creation and discovery. Recognizing design thinking as a key foundation is an essential part of the “Meadowbrook Way.” Students make, tinker, construct, and deconstruct as they conduct the messy work of learning. We encourage students to utilize Design Thinking for a variety of reasons: as a part of the learning process, to express creativity, and to offer solutions for others. It's clear from the passion unlocked in our students and the knowledge and skills they gain through the process, that making is an invaluable learning experience for our students. Through Design Thinking, we seek to enable every student with a maker mindset - that no subject is outside their ability to learn, that no idea is outside their ability to create, and that they have the power to shape the future. Teachers are incorporating the making process and Design Thinking through projects that challenge students to bring a subject from the theoretical to the tangible. Making has escaped the literal walls of the lab and is physically visible throughout the school. Prototyping takes place through the use of both low and high tech tools in classrooms throughout the school. These opportunities, when coupled with cutting edge thinking processes, offer a transformational experience for our students that not only prepares them for the future, but also meets their needs as learners.
Posted on February 18, 2014. Modified on March 5, 2014