St. Mary’s University

We match St. Mary’s students working towards degrees in business, law, and/or engineering with these projects, faculty supervisors, and other experts. Through these teams, we create low cost, high quality consulting opportunities for businesses and unique learning opportunities for our students. For more information or to learn about how to apply for a project as a business or student, please contact Suz Burroughs at Students from various disciplines and studying participatory design work with businesses and stakeholders in cross-functional teams to rapidly gain insight, generate solutions, and prototype tangible concepts for testing with real customers and users. This program begins with a kick off workshop including students, faculty, businesses and their customers. Businesses may also request a core student team to continue working on developing the project in collaboration with employees and stakeholders for up to 12 weeks. Design Thinking projects may include internal topics such as employee well being, external topics such as sustainable product or service development, and/or intra-organizational topics such as public/private partnership and development. We work with STEM programs and teachers to offer age appropriate design thinking bootcamps and mentorship.
Posted on November 28, 2013. Modified on June 4, 2014