Riverpoint Academy

Riverpoint Academy is a public school that’s open to 150 juniors and seniors who yearn for the opportunity to follow their passions and own their learning. The school exists to ignite the fires of possibility, to see beyond our current limitations, and to create the innovators of tomorrow, today. Students receive an intensive, challenge-based curricula that calls for engaging in issues facing our community, our nation, and our world. With the design-thinking process at the foundation of projects and challenges, students use creativity, collaboration, innovation, and leadership to solve problems in current and relevant contexts. The overarching focus areas include biomedicine, physical computing, and sustainability, taught through the lenses of humanities and human-centered design. Student growth and achievement is measured and shared through formal, community exhibitions, at which students present their product and findings and reflect upon their personal learning experiences. The principles that guide the staff’s development of learning experiences are rooted in the skills and knowledge bases of inquiry, collaboration, critical thought, creativity, leadership, effective communication, entrepreneurship, adaptability, resilience, and imagination. Student connections with community and experts are integral to the authentic learning requirements of all challenges.
Posted on October 4, 2013. Modified on October 22, 2013