Project H Design

Project H uses the power of creativity, design, and hands-on building to amplify the raw brilliance of youth, transform communities, and improve K12 public education from within. Our programs teach rigorous design iteration, tinkering, applied arts and sciences, and vocational building skills to give young people the creative, technical, and leadership tools necessary to make positive, long-lasting change in their lives and their communities. Our youth-led public design projects are rooted in science, technology, engineering, arts, and math (STEAM) content to connect in-school learning to out-of-school possibility. We believe that design is a powerful medium that is an active response to a context, a personal expression, a physical challenge, and a social act that builds citizenship in the next generation. Projects built by our youth include an award-winning farmers’ market structure, iconic downtown landmarks, playgrounds, school gardens, an obstacle course, public chicken coops, and their own learning facilities.

STUDIO H  Studio H is a public high school “design/build” program, begun in Bertie County, N.C., and now based at Realm Charter School in Berkeley, Calif., that sparks community development through real-world, built projects. By learning through a design sensibility, applied core subjects, and industry-relevant construction skills, students develop the creative capital, critical thinking, and citizenship necessary for their own success and for the future of their communities. Over the course of one Studio H term, students earn high school credit and build the community project they have designed and prototyped.

CAMP H Camp H (formerly Studio G) is a one-of-a-kind summer camp for girls ages 9 to 12 that sparks creativity and curiosity through hands-on building, problem-solving, and meaningful making. Girls cut plywood with a jigsaw, fuse metal with a welder, and create projects of personal and social relevance. Camp H’s instructors are female architects, designers, creative educators, and graduates of our Studio H program. Integrating STEAM skills, Camp H projects build confidence, grit, and the belief that everything is possible in life and in the world. Camp H camp “graduates” will be equipped to communicate audacious ideas through their creative voices, transform their communities through active building, and go forth confidently into higher education and careers.
Posted on September 24, 2013. Modified on October 12, 2013