Mackintosh Academy

Mackintosh Academy is an IB world school for gifted students where design thinking is built right into the curriculum. Each campus has a science and design lab is used by even our youngest students. Design thinking is packed into many of our units of inquiry throughout the year. For instance, this year our "Simple Machines" unit in the 2/3 grade incorporated three design challenges including creating and advertising their own product and VEX robots. The 7/8th graders designed an inexpensive rice huller when they learned about the problem of unhulled rice and the potential impact of such a product on world hunger. In Boulder this year, March was Maker's Month and featured many design thinking activities - from a Maker's Club to art and poetry books. Mackintosh's program is unique to the core and designed to bring out the unique genius of every student.
Posted on July 21, 2014. Modified on July 21, 2014