Leadership + Design Summer

The world is filled with big, changing problems – and opportunities to solve them in creative ways. But in an era of innovation, leadership is changing. The most successful businesses don’t think they alredy know the answers – they succeed by finding better answers in a team. Being a leader means learning to think creatively, build a team, prototype, pitch ideas, and change on the fly when things change. At Leadership+Design Summer, high school leaders and creatives will cultivate the skills to lead in an era of change. It’s about design, engineering, business, and community action - but it’s also about the human skills of communication, collaboration, and creativity. Leadership+Design Summer is active and hands-on. It connects students to real world problems, professionals, and tools. You’ll learn a lot, gain new skills, see what creative professionals do in the real world - and it will almost never feel like “school.”http://wp.me/P39YbB-1N
Posted on April 29, 2014. Modified on May 2, 2014