innovators4purpose (iFp) is in the most innovative biz on the planet. We are laser focused on changing the narrative from kids seeing the artifacts of growth to experiencing & participating in the growth. We bring together the most creative youth and the most analytical ones, especially those residing in less served areas. We create environments leveraging our framework built on Design Thinking, Character Development and Professional Identity. Then watch as they unlock unique innovative solutions to problems that are of most interest to them. Thru these immersive experiences iFp’s youth begin developing a “sense being a part” of the innovation community. This “sense of belonging” becomes an intrinsic motivator that sparks the desire to learn skills & tools necessary to participate in our innovation-driven economy. Our long-term vision is to reignite the dreams of our youth, to rebuild strong positive influences in broken families and to re-inspire those who have fallen behind economically. Our programs are integrated into the school day enabling all students to participate. Fletcher Maynard Academy in Cambridge, MA is our current K-5 partner. Plans to expand into other schools in the Greater Boston Area are under discussion.
Posted on November 12, 2015. Modified on November 12, 2015