Henry Ford Academy: Alameda School for Art + Design

Henry Ford Academy: Alameda School Art + Design (HFA: Alameda School) is committed to preparing every student academically for college success. Our learning community instills professional expectations, embraces community connections, and values art, design, and creativity as essential to our high school's college-bound culture. HFA: Alameda School is built on the idea that learning needs to be hands-on, connected to the real world, and should develop not only students' academic knowledge and skills, but also their potential as creative thinkers and innovative problem solvers. To support these goals, HFA: Alameda School uses design thinking as core instructional process, and all teachers facilitate interdisciplinary grade-level design challenges with students. As a public charter school, all enrolled students attend HFA: Alameda School tuition-free. Our cumulative graduation rate is 97% and 100% of graduates are accepted into the college/university of their choice.
Posted on January 22, 2014. Modified on January 29, 2014