FUSE is a new kind of interest-driven learning experience developed by researchers and educators in the School of Education and Social Policy at Northwestern University. The program engages pre-teens and teens in science, technology, engineering, arts/design, and mathematics (STEAM) topics while fostering the development of important 21st century skills. The core activities in our FUSE Studios are a set of challenges. Each challenge uses a leveling up model from gaming and is carefully designed to engage teens in different STEAM topics and skills sets. FUSE has more than 20 challenges in areas such as robotics, electronics, biotechnology, graphic design, Android app development, 3D design & printing and more. New challenges are always in development. FUSE appeals to the interests of all young people, especially those youth who are not interested in or don't think of themselves as "good at" math and science in school. FUSE challenges provide a new way to explore science, technology, engineering, arts and design, and math in a fun and relaxed way. FUSE challenges can be tackled individually or in groups. In the Studio, youth choose challenges to work on based on what appeals to their own interests. As they level up through the challenge sequence, they learn new STEAM-based practices and develop critical skills such as adaptive problem solving, creativity, persistence, and grit. The A in STEAM is engaged through design process, which brings each youth’s ideas and aesthetics to the foreground. Teens and pre-teens at FUSE can “hang out, mess around and geek out” with peers. Professional scientists, engineers, advanced undergraduates, and graduate students are available as mentors and provide a real-world connection to the concepts learned and practiced through the challenges. All challenges result in digital media artifacts that are shared online for peer review, remixing, expert feedback, and collaboration. FUSE researchers are studying the program’s impact on students, facilitators, and educators through studio observations, interviews, and website activity. FUSE is offered in-school, after-school, and on the weekends at 30 different schools and libraries. Email us at info@fusestudio.net to join our growing FUSE community!
Posted on October 16, 2014. Modified on October 16, 2014