Design Thinking for Educators, a toolkit from IDEO

Classrooms and schools across the world are facing design challenges every single day, from integrating technology to increasing parent involvement to managing daily schedules. Wherever they fall on the spectrum of scale— the challenges educators are confronted with are real, complex, and varied. And as such, they require new perspectives, new tools, and new approaches. Design Thinking is one of them. The Design Thinking for Educators toolkit contains the process and methods of design, adapted specifically for the context of K-12 education. It offers new ways to be intentional and collaborative when designing, and helps educators create new solutions for their classrooms, schools and communities. The toolkit is free and downloadable at, and includes a workbook and overview brochure. Created by IDEO in partnership with Riverdale Country School.
Posted on October 14, 2013. Modified on October 14, 2013