Design for Change

Design for Change begins with the simple and powerful premise: “I CAN" More specifically, children can. By empowering students to identify the challenges that most affect their communities, Design for Change encourages them to find the solutions and lead adults and their classmates in this effort. Design for Change first began in 2009 at Riverside School, Ahmedabad, India and now reaches students in over 200,000 schools all across the world. By offering a simple design-thinking framework, Design for Change asks the children to: FEEL anything that bothers them, IMAGINE a change that they want to bring to that situation, DO the act of change and SHARE their story of change with others to inspire them. Students are teaching their parents to read, stopping child marriages, cleaning up their neighbourhoods and fixing potholes on the street, building safe biking paths and much more with the impact growing wider every year. All around the world, children are stepping up and learning that the power to create change lies in them as much as with the adults who educate them and influence their lives. This feeling of agency and advocacy is fuelled by passion, belief and a compelling sense of purpose.
Posted on October 16, 2013. Modified on October 16, 2013