City X Project

The City X Project is an internationally tested educational workshop for 8-12 year-old students that teaches creative problem solving using 3D printing technologies and the design process. Our workshop features a story-based curriculum with add-on activities that align with Common Core Standards. In our story, humans have settled the first city on a new planet, City X. The citizens of City X send back transmissions to the designers of earth (the kids in the workshop) asking for help solving various problems in their new city. These problems relate to real-world social issues such as health, environment, education, and more. We encourage design thinking by walking kids through the Stanford Design Process and use that process to help students create the best inventions for their City X citizen. We also teach them how to use free 3D modeling software and how to create physical prototypes of their inventions on a 3D printer, though a 3D printer is not necessary to run our workshop!
Posted on February 11, 2014. Modified on February 15, 2014