REDEFINING EDUCATION. DESIGNING CHANGE. Critical thinking. Collaboration. Communication. The demands of the 21st century call on all of us to reframe how we learn, how we teach, and how we work. There is a profound disconnect between what and how students are taught in school today, versus what the world requires of them and what motivates them to think and perform innovatively. Breaker teaches students and educators how to design and implement solutions to real-world problems. We build local, national, and global challenges to introduce participants to a design process that lends immediacy and relevancy to learning. Participants exit Breaker with new skills and abilities; products and services result from Breaker ready for impact. Founder and TED Senior Fellow, Dr. Juliette LaMontagne began testing the Breaker model in 2011. Since that time, a collaboration with Stanford University’s brought challenges to New York, Detroit, Portland, and Boise to foster innovation. Breaker is a registered 501(c)(3) nonprofit.
Posted on June 5, 2015. Modified on June 5, 2015